About us

Foundation For Christ Network


The vision of the Foundation For Christ Network came into reality in August of 2011.  When we started this vision, the goal was to be able to help all ministries and churches create an awareness about their ministries affordably, with a concentration in the small to mid-sized church, and we are pleased to announce that this goal has not changed.  We started the network with our flagship program, the "Share the Word Broadcast", which is a tele-demand program. Anyone can dial the broadcast number from any phone 24/7, enter the specialized extension, and immediately the broadcast begins to play.  Then came "Phase 2", which is the launching of the Foundation For Christ Network Website. We believe this offers more versatility, not just for our clients, but for our listeners as well.  However, we help not just churches gain exposure, but we also help Independent Gospel Music Artists, Authors, and Aspiring Artists, create their awareness for their ministry.  Whether it's a dance ministry, mime ministry, music ministry, step team, etc., our goal is to help these ministries become known throughout the nation and the world.  We are truly grateful to God for this vast and miraculous vision, and look forward to what the future holds with even more additions to the network.  To God Be The Glory!