Pastor Christopher D. Williams

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Lead Pastor of The Globe eChurch

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The last of three sons, Pastor Christopher D. Williams serves as the founder of the Foundation For Christ Network, and is the Lead Pastor of The Globe eChurch.   

Being the son of a pastor, Christopher is quite familiar with the work of the church and has a desire to help those that are in need, whether it's with an encouraging word or helping them in some way evolve to another level.

He is involved and has served in many different capacities and areas of ministry.  This would include:  the former director of the Peek’s Chapel Male Chorus and Peek’s Chapel Youth Choir, secretary of the Yellow River Youth Association (defunct), former assistant choir director of the New Piney Grove Sanctuary Choir, the original host of the Finding Eve Soul Café, the visionary of “An Encounter With Jesus” fellowship program, the host of “The Music That Moves You Radio Broadcast”, and board member of the Prayze Factor People's Choice Awards.
While doing effective ministry, there is always a call of God to assist others in their endeavors and vision.  In the year of 2011, he had a vision to help small to mid-sized churches, ministries, independent gospel music artists, Christian authors, motivational speakers, etc., create and gain an awareness of their particular brand of ministry, by providing a global platform for them.  Thus, the Foundation For Christ Network ( was birthed.  The Foundation For Christ Network helps these type of ministries and others, expand their reach through Television, Radio, and Tele-Demand.  
On January 31, 2016, Christopher accepted his call into the preaching ministry.  On this day, he was licensed and ordained, by the Greater Understanding Church International and the Living Stones Church of Metro Atlanta.  In September 2018, he became the visionary and Lead Pastor of "The Globe eChurch".
In this life, Christopher has learned a very important truth, which is:  "If you help enough people get what they want, then you in turn will get what you want".  Simply put, in order to be promoted to a higher place of leadership, you must first be a dedicated servant.