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The Church of the Good Shepherd

Mobile, AL

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Rev. Dr. Netha Johnson is a native of Mobile, Alabama.  She is the founding pastor of the Church of The Good Shepherd Non-Denominational Church, of which she has pastored for nine years. Dr. Johnson is also the founding president of Preparing for Eternal Profits Bible College, located in Mobile, Alabama.  She is a retired Registered Nurse (RN) and has a Doctorate in Theology and Divinity with a certificate in Family Counseling from E. L. White Seminary School.  She also has a Ph.D in Biblical Studies from St. Luke Evangelical School of Bible Studies.


Dr. Johnson is married to Deacon Lymon Johnson and is the mother of one child, Mrs. Demeta Smith, and grandmother of Alexia and Anastastasia.


She lives by Psalm 121, "I will lift mine eyes unto the hills where I can always receive the help I need." (paraphrased)