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Today's Daily Devotion


Your life is too important to not have a say so in how it should be shaped.  Always doing what others want you to do, is not necessarily in your best interest.  Learn to make the decisions that benefit your life and what you are trying to do in order to be successful!  #GreatnessIsYours



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Remember, it pays to be good and kind to everyone, even to those considered to be less fortunate or beneath society's standard. You never know how they can bless your life or who they are connected to!‪ #‎GreatnessIsYours



Our destiny is either right above us or in front of us, and contrary to popular opinion, IF WE WANT IT, WE MUST STRETCH TO GET IT! Destiny falling in our lap without work on our part is the equivalent to driving a car with no wheels, it doesn't happen. ‪#‎GreatnessIsYours



Every now and then we need to take time for ourselves, for we all need some downtime. These are the moments that we become rejuvenated and gain new perspectives for our lives so that we can push a little further!‪#‎GreatnessIsYours‬



When things aren't working out exactly how you planned, that's the time you just have to believe that they will work out. Your belief in the outcome is the key to the manifestation of it! ‪#‎GreatnessIsYours‬



Greatness is coming your way, but you have to be ready to receive it or it will pass you by. Position yourself, and go meet it at the halfway point!‪#‎GreatnessIsYours‬



It's great to know that God is able to bless us, but we must learn the important lesson that he is also WILLING to bless us! Let him bless you!‪#‎GreatnessIsYours‬



When you are faced with a great challenge, don't make excuses for why you don't think you can accomplish or overcome it. Excuses only give you permission to stay mediocre! Find the reason for your achievement.‪ #‎GreatnessIsYours‬