Pastor Reginald B. Williams

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Double Spring Baptist Church

Conyers, GA

The second son of three sons, Pastor Reginald B. Williams is no stranger to the work of the church, and started his preaching ministry in the year of 1992.  He is now the eminent pastor of the Double Spring Baptist Church in Conyers, GA.

Being the son of a pastor, Pastor Williams has worked in the church and ministry most of his life, and has held many different positions as well, including Advisor of the Yellow River Youth Association, Senior Pastor of the James Paschal Missionary Baptist Church.  (Senior Pastor 2000 - 2003)​  Senior Pastor of Greater Understanding Church International (2013-2016)

In the year of 1995, Pastor Williams felt the call of God to organize a Bible Study Class in the Lithonia, GA area.  Through this Bible Study, many people began to receive a greater understanding of God's word and the meaning and purpose for their lives.  People in weekly attendance grew spiritually and gained a closer relationship with the Lord.

He was called as pastor of James Paschal Missionary Baptist Church in Covington, GA in 2000, where much work was done and many things accomplished.  After his tenure as senior pastor of James Paschal, Pastor Williams struggled with the decision of starting a ministry, and then sought God for clarity.  After time spent with God, he received his orders to go forth and bring the Greater Understanding Church International, vision into reality.  In June 2019, he accepted the Senior Pastorate of the Double Spring Baptist Church in Conyers, GA.

Not only is Pastor Williams known for his preaching ability, but he is a great singer as well, and is known to sing most times before he delivers the Word of God.​

He lives by this motto:  Many things may entangle your feet, but none will hold you fast.  Simply put:  Keep moving and pushing past the things that try to stop you.​​